2023 Greenwood ISD Bond Logo

Greenwood ISD
2023 Bond Election

Two Bond Propositions totaling $286M will appear on the ballot and will include the following new construction and renovation projects:

Proposition A

$198.77 Million
(3.5 Cent Tax Impact)

New Elementary School for Kindergarten-2nd Grade Students

New Intermediate School for 3rd-5th Grade Students

Increase Capacity in High School with New Secure Entryway, New Science Labs, New Cosmetology Space, New Library, Larger Cafeteria, and More Parking

Convert South Wing of Brooks Middle School from Intermediate to Middle School
Child with balloon

Convert Elementary School to Pre-K, Career and Technical Labs, Athletic Locker Room Space, and District Support Services

Proposition B

$87 Million
(1.5 Cent Tax Impact)

New Student Event Center with a 2,000 Seat Auditorium, Dressing Rooms for Theater, Black Box for Theater Practice,
2,000 Seat Gymnasium, Athletic Locker Rooms, Shared Lobby, Concessions and Restrooms

Student Multi-Program Facility – Large Volume Practice Facility for Band, Cheer, and All Athletic Teams with Community Usage Hours

Proposition A Project Summaries

New Elementary & Intermediate

New Elementary & Intermediate Schools

  • New Elementary School for Kindergarten-2nd Grade
  • New Intermediate for 3-5th grade
  • Utilizing a portion of property owned by GISD
  • Located on the corner of SCR 1110 and ECR 120
Brooks Middle School

Brooks Middle School

Convert the Intermediate wing into:

  • Middle School Classrooms
  • Labs
  • Age-appropriate restroom adjustments for ADA accessibility requirements

Greenwood High School

  • New Secure Entry
  • Relocate Main office
  • New Science Labs
  • New Cosmetology Space
  • New Family & Consumer Sciences
  • New Library
  • Increase Classroom Capacity
  • Increase Cafeteria Size
  • Harden Perimeter for Student Safety
  • Add Parking
Elementary School

Existing Elementary

  • Renovate East Wing for Pre-K
  • Convert Old Gym to Career and Technical Labs
  • Convert Southwest Wing to HS Locker Rooms
  • Convert Northwest Wing to Administration
  • New Student Multi-Purpose Facility to be separate from the Campus (Prop. B)

Proposition B Project Summaries

Student Event Center

Student Event Center

  • 2,000 Seat Gymnasium
  • Athletic Locker Rooms
  • 2,000 Seat Auditorium
  • Dressing Rooms for Theater
  • Black box for theater practice
  • Office Space
2023 Greenwood ISD Bond Logo

Student Multi-Purpose Facility

  • Multi-use Student Activity Center
  • Restrooms
  • Indoor Practice Field
  • Available for Community Use

Bond Tax Impact

Annual & With Voter Approved $100,000 Homestead Exemption

Safety & Security

Safety & Security Summary

  • Elimination of Portable Buildings
  • Harden High School Perimeter
  • Secure Front-Entry Vestibules
  • Intruder Resistant Film on Door and window Glass
  • Electronic Entry Access Control
  • Security Cameras

Safety & Security Rationale

  • As part of the long-range master-planning process, GISD has emphasized safety and security improvements as a number one priority
  • All improvements proposed have been evaluated for function and instructional needs, but are also tested through the lens of student safety
  • Greenwood ISD has been making improvements with fund balance, augmenting security camera coverage and filming windows
  • The bond improvements would allow more comprehensive, physical improvements to be made
    A single point of entry for visitors will be part of every campus, as illustrated in the graphic
  • Each existing campus and proposed new schools will have this type of entry, very much like what Brooks Middle School has now

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary

  • 11 Bond Advisory Committee Meetings
  • 3 Public Meetings
  • 1 Safety and Security Board Meeting
  • Campus Teachers Meetings

Citizen Committee Recommendations

  • Pre-Kindergarten for all families
  • Reduce class size and allow for future growth
  • Safety and Security for students and staff
  • Career and Technical Education Expansion to allow more

Programs for Students

  • Upgrade Fine Arts and Gym Space for Growth
  • Student Multi-Purpose Facility



Bonds are approved by voters and sold by a school district to lenders/underwriters to raise funds to pay for the costs of construction, renovations and equipment. Almost all school districts in Texas utilize voter-approved bonds to finance new facilities and major renovation


The payback schedule is published based on a 30 year period.

The election will be held in November 2023, and your tax rate would change when you receive
your tax bill in October 2024.
According to state law, the dollar amount of school taxes imposed on the residence homestead of a person 65 years old or older cannot be increased above the amount paid in the first year after the person turned 65. This amount remains the same regardless of changes in tax rate or property value unless significant improvements are made to the home. Individuals 65 and over must apply for this exemption.